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Shower Enclosures at Kings BathroomIf you are in the process of remodeling your home or creating an extra bathroom, then you might be looking at purchasing a bathroom shower enclosure. With just a little planning and proper measurement, you can easily choose the right shower enclosure and create the bathroom that is right for you.

Planning is essential for any bathroom remodeling project. It will help you decide on which shower enclosure is right for you. Where will you fit your shower? In the corner? Then a quadrant shower enclosure would be perfect for the corner, making the most of the space available in the bathroom.

If you have plenty of space then there are several options for a hinged door shower enclosure which also come with frameless options to give that feel of luxury and spaciousness.

Alternatively there may be limited space for the shower door to open. For this then there are several shower enclosures suitable for narrow bathrooms such as a sliding door shower enclosure which needs no extra room for the door to be opened outwards. A bi-fold door shower enclosure and pivot door shower enclosure also cut down on the space required for the door to be opened outwards into the bathroom.

You may prefer to not have a shower door on your shower enclosure and there are several options available for a walk in shower enclosure which require no more space than the enclosure occupies.

There are several more options to help create your perfect shower enclosure with inline panels and side panels, combining them with a shower enclosure door or to extend the length of one of the sides.

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More About Shower Enclosures

Showers are common in many homes, hotels, gyms and even in businesses. They provide a private space for taking a bath under sprays of water. Most people prefer showers to baths because they use less water compared to baths. A bath can use up to 150 litres of water while a shower uses 80 litres of water on average. Depending on the use of the shower, preference, style and budget among other factors, there is a wide array of shower types to choose from.

The History of Showers

Unlike the modern showers, where people shower in the comfort of their homes, the original showers were found outdoors. In fact, originally, showers were just common waterfalls. People preferred taking a bath in natural waterfalls in place of basins due to the convenience. Carrying clean water before a bath and later disposing the waste water was more tasking and therefore people incorporated the waterfall idea and started pouring water over their bodies after a bath using jugs. In ancient Egypt, the upper class had indoor showers which unlike the modern showers, water had to be carried to the shower enclosures.

The first people to have well developed shower systems were the ancient Greek and Romans. They built communal showering rooms where water would be pumped in and out using a sewage system consisting of lead pipes. These showers looked more like today’s locker room showers. Unfortunately the sewer and water systems broke down following the fall of the Roman Empire. Later in the 19th Century, the systems were rebuilt and it was not until 1860 when the first modern showers were put into use by the French Army.

Advantages of Showers

There are a couple of advantages to showering than bathing. First of all showering takes up less time than bathing and leaves you having a more refreshed feeling. Furthermore, shower enclosures are usually a simpler option for the disabled and elderly as they provide easier access than getting into a bath. The disabled and elderly can have a difficult time trying to step over the side of the bath and therefore a better option is to use walk in showers. Showers take a relatively small area of the bathroom compared to baths and this increases your chances of saving space, especially in small bathrooms.

There are some products used to construct showers that have made shower installation a very simple task. Some of the materials used include, aluminium, wood, glass, steel and other water resistant materials. Every type of shower calls for different installation procedures. Nevertheless, the installation of any shower requires a drainage pipe and one fresh water pipes (although a hot supply is used for thermostically controlled controls). Depending on your taste, there are two ways to prevent water from leaking from your shower enclosures. You can choose from a wide array of shower curtains or shower doors. Shower doors are more popular since they look more stylish and provide a complete water tight shower area. Some of the common types of shower doors include, pivot doors, hinged doors, sliding doors, curved doors and bi-fold doors.

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