Shower enclosures and Bath Screens Styles

Modern shower enclosures and bath screens are both the elegant elements that can be added to any bathroom. The glass that made for them are quite clear, etched, tinted and tempered glass. They feature with crisp, modern lines and give the illusion of spaciousness in any bathroom.

There are many styles of shower enclosure for you to choose, including walk in, sliding, bi-fold, and pivot door shower enclosures.

Walk in shower enclosures have no door and create a spacious look even in a small bathroom. Sliding shower enclosures come designed with track. You can slide the door from either direction. It is quite space saving. Bi-fold door showers are best for corners. Their doors are made of glass panels that fold inwardly and then slide completely to one side so that water does not drip onto the bathroom floor. The doors of pivot shower enclosures can be swung inwardly or outwardly. A pivot hinge is used which allows the door to rotate on an axis. The pivot door gives a wider opening than the other traditional shower enclosures.

Bath screens are designed for bathtubs to prevent water spilled over the bath. Whichever shower type or design of shower screen is chosen for a bathroom, it will make the bathroom feel spacious and look modern and elegant.

Popular bath screens come in many designs as well. These include folding bath screens, fixed bath screens, and standard bath screens. You can also choose custom-made bath screen that is best for your bathroom. This modern screen provides the elegance to the bath area as well as works as the traditional plastic shower curtains.

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