Finding Favourite Shower Trays

Shower trays provide the base for any shower enclosures. Shower trays create both a functional and attractive feature.

Compared to baths, shower enclosures are safer, more practical, and more accessible. The matching shower trays have a vast range of types including numerous designs and shapes. Whenever you look for shower tray to match your shower enclosure, pay attention to the drain location of the shower tray to make sure it matches the current plumbing setup. Most of the shower trays are resistant to mildew, mold, and odor and stain-causing bacteria. In addition, they are very useful in preventing slip in the bathroom. Shower trays are designed with holes strategically placed in order to let the water flow through and not create a damp environment. With the shower tray installed, mold or mildew cannot form easily. Whatever particular type of shower enclosure you have, there is the right shower tray designed to accommodate your requirement.

To install a shower tray for your shower enclosure, choose the style that was made of acrylic or tile. Mark the drain hole on the subfloor and note any tile overlap on the floor. Install the replacement tray and double-check with a four-foot level.

Kings bathroom has a wide selection of shower trays. Our various styles are able to coordinate with various shower stalls and different design themes for use in showers.

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