Spice up Bathroom with Mirror Cabinet

Many homeowners are trying to create their own luxurious bathrooms. One of the simplest ways to spice up the bathroom is choosing the contemporary mirror cabinet to add storage space to your bathroom. Mirror cabinets are sleek and easy to create an illusion of space.

Mirror cabinets from Kings Bathroom are available in different sizes to suite any space. With undeniable contemporary style, the white mirror cabinets will blend in and enhance any bathroom design. In addition, the mirrored door makes it ideal for situating above the washbasin using as a mirror. Most of the mirror cabinets have inside adjustable shelf and ample space for storing all the toiletries, towels and cloths.

In terms of cabinets door, you can choose either single or double door. Single door cabinets are space saving which is particularly ideal for the smaller bathroom. The double door cabinets usually come with a handy shelf and towel rail underneath, proving ample storage space for the whole family. Double door mirror cabinets are already employed to many homeowners who bother about limited storage space. A mirror cabinet provides you with enough storage space including an open space.

Mirror cabinets from Kings Bathroom are easier to fix to the wall. It is a quick and simple job to install the cabinet into the bathroom. The prices of their style of mirror cabinets start from £69 for the single door cabinet. To convert your bathroom into a functional spa area, go to the stylish mirror cabinets’ collection by visiting www.kingsbathroom.co.uk.

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