Bathroom Blues or Bathroom Bliss? Win with Kings Bathrooms Ltd

Get invloved to win!

Not enough storage in your bathroom? Untidy bathroom cabinet? Smeared bathroom mirror? Dirty grouting? Stubborn stain around your bathroom taps or in your shower enclosure? Annoying husband not completed the DIY?

You can choose to keep your bathroom blues or bathroom bliss anonymous or if you like you can be in your photograph?

We all have bathrooms that are either perfect and do the job or just a lacking in one department or the other. If you have an issue, send us a picture of your bathroom, a brief story or description and we will publish it on our style guide and ask for other people’s advice in the comments.

Perhaps you just want to show off your bathroom? Are you proud of your classic design? Here is the place to do it!

For successful published stories and images we are giving some fantastic prizes. Get involved and get the answers to your bathroom blues!

Send your bathroom stories to

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