Looking for a mirror cabinet for your bathroom? Choose from this range of bathroom cabinets, including LED mirrors, back lit cabinets, stainless steel cabinets and a whole host of practical solutions for your bathroom.

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Mirror Cabinets

Bathroom CabinetsHaving a place in the bathroom to store your toothbrush, cosmetics, shampoo and everything else that you find in the bathroom is essential. Our bathroom mirror cabinets not only provide that essential storage but an air of stylishness to them. We all like a bit of glamour and like to feel good, so why not have a bathroom cabinet that looks great too.

Gone are the days when a bathroom cabinet was just a cabinet for storing bathroom items, they now come with a variety of additional functions and are made from a variety of materials. Even the mirror cabinet comes in various shapes and sizes with round mirrors and additional or back-lit lighting.

Bathroom mirror cabinets also come with added functions including digital clocks to keep you on time, mirrors and shaver sockets to charge your toothbrush or power your razor. They can have one door or three, have sliding doors to help opening in bathrooms with limited space, or come with drawers.

Lighting is now an essential part of a bathroom mirror and we offer several options to ensure your reflection is lit perfectly. Back lit mirror cabinets use led's to create an evenly lit face as well as looking great, while overhead lit mirror cabinets provide light from above in a more natural manner, giving you a choice for your preference of lighting.

Stainless steel bathroom cabinets have reflective surfaces due to their highly polished chrome exterior, that are easy to clean and provide that extra stylish look in any bathroom. Various sizes and shapes of mirrors create different looks, making them a preferred choice of bathroom cabinet.

Not everyone needs to change their cabinet to add a touch of style to their bathroom, why not add some cabinet lighting to your existing bathroom cabinet and create more light and a feeling of space to your bathroom.



More About Mirror Cabinets

As it happens for nearly everything, purchasing bathroom cabinets can become very challenging. As most bathrooms are limited on their floor space, choosing the best bathroom cabinet can maximize the use of space as well as ensure that the bathroom is neat at all times. The very first step when choosing a bathroom cabinet is writing down your needs. Make a list of what you need stored in the bathroom and remember to include only the essential things. If you feel something is needed occasionally, there is no need to store it in the bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Cabinets

Here are some common types of bathroom cabinets that you can use to remodel your bathroom. There are many styles, designs and even finishes when it comes to bathroom cabinets. The most common bathroom cabinets are the medicine cabinets, usually known as mirror cabinets. They are appreciated due to their ability to save on space while hiding medicines from the view of children. They can be made from a wide array of materials, such as wood, glass and these days stainless steel. Another common type of bathroom cabinet is the open shelf bathroom cabinet which is surface mounted to create more space for storage purposes. Linen cabinets can also be accommodated for hanging linens. Other types include, wall bathroom cabinets, basket storage and closet style cabinets. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, your storage needs will determine the cabinet of your choice.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets

For better organization in the bathroom area, the bathroom wall cabinet can be very useful. A common issue in the bathroom is tidyness, every time you are rushing to work, you most likely leave a mess around the sink area. Furthermore, if the bathroom is communal or being shared between two people, it might not always look tidy due to negligence or assuming someone else will clear up the mess. Most bathrooms are fitted with mirror cabinets and these help to provide a place for most items. The bathroom wall cabinet can also be considered for hanging your towel, if it comes with a towel rack or hanger. If there are some sort of differences arising due to personal things being left out, especially when you are sharing a house, it’s better to keep them elsewhere. Finding lockable cabinets also improves on your privacy.

Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

You can compliment your bathroom design and décor by using cabinet lighting. Mostly the cabinets come with the lights fitted already, but you can still buy the lights and have them installed. LED technology is commonly used for cabinet lighting and this enhances the look of the cabinet. You can also choose to fix under-cabinet lights for two main reasons, task lighting and accent lighting. No matter where your cabinet lighting is installed, overhead, internally or undeneath, the extra bathroom lighting will benefit your bathroom and you.

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