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Bathroom Mirrors

LED bathroom mirrorsBathroom mirrors are an essential part of our bathroom, being able to see our reflection while getting ready for work, brushing our teeth or hair, and basically checking that we look great is part of our daily lives. We now not only want our mirrors to look great, but we want to be able to see clearly, no dark shades or steamed up mirrors.

Some people like the glamour of a LED mirror, with lights to help light up your face evenly while shaving or applying makeup as do back lit mirrors that also help to light up your reflection and also look great in the bathroom. If a more traditional look is required, then overhead lit mirrors or additional lighting for your mirrors can also be added to provide lighting if required.

Looking for extra shelving or need somewhere to place your makeup? Then try adding a bathroom mirror with shelves to your bathroom, with glass shelves and being overhead lit they are a practical addition to any bathroom.

Now for an amazing glamous and stylish bathroom mirror, the Infinity mirror with lights that are never ending, LED's internally reflected that go on for infinity.... the ultimate talking point that fits any size bathroom.

Not all mirrors need extras to look great, a simple change in shape, a curve here, or there, or some simple engraving can transform a plain mirror into a great bathroom mirror. All mirrors are delivered in the UK or can be picked up from our bathroom showroom in Salford, Manchester.



More About Bathroom Mirrors

If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom and don’t know what to start with, bathroom mirrors can assist you in designing your bathroom. They can be the focal point of the bathroom because they are one of the first things you see once you enter the bathroom. Nonetheless, some people don’t know that they create a space illusion as they reflect other things in the bathroom such as decorative accessories, lights as well as windows. Let’s have a look at some considerations before purchasing a bathroom mirror.

History of Bathroom Mirrors

We could first have a look at the history of bathroom mirrors to have an idea of their importance. Initially, bathroom mirrors were meant for the upper class only, getting ready for important meetings and looking ones best. But bathroom mirrors however aren’t as old as ordinary mirrors, the first modern-like mirror was created in 1835 and only the wealthy could afford a mirror at that time due to the expensive production process. Unlike today’s technology of making mirrors, where they coat a mirror with aluminium, the early mirrors were plain convex metals which were highly polished to create a reflection.

Uses of Bathroom Mirrors

There are many uses of mirrors but the most important is reflecting light. Whenever you hung a mirror in a place where there is enough light, regardless the source, the mirror gives the room more appeal. Choosing bathroom mirrors that match your bathroom design makes it fit properly into the bathroom space. For example, if your vanities are traditionally themed, then it’s advisable to choose traditional styles for your bathroom mirrors.

Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Today’s market is awash with many types and designs of bathroom mirrors. Depending on your bathroom’s décor, you can certainly find something you like. Buying mirrors online is popular as the internet is a resourceful place where you can browse through the numerous types available as you search for your perfect match. Some of the most common types include traditional, contemporary, rustic lodge, wrought iron, frameless, tropical and country cottage.

Bathroom Storage Options

You can also use your bathroom mirrors as storage areas. These are very helpful when you want to hide or store your medicines or other bottles. They also save up on space in the bathroom by using them as storage places at the same time as reflective objects. They also brighten up small bathrooms as the reflected light creates an illusion of space.

Advantages of Bathroom Mirrors

Well designed bathrooms with matching mirrors are undoubtedly attractive and create a relaxing atmosphere. Bathroom mirrors are very important in our daily schedule as we need to brush teeth, apply make up and shave as we prepare for work. With well lit bathroom mirrors and good storage areas preparing for work is very easy. A perfectly lit bathroom with nicely positioned mirrors brings pride to the homeowner.

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